Non-profit organizations play a major role in all nations. Non-profit organizations do contribute in several areas of society and economy without any profit motto.
There is a always big gap remained uncovered by State and Capitalists. Such gap is bridged by non-profitable organizations. Non-profit organizations keep looking for the areas of social welfare that is not fully attended, and they come up to serve in these areas. In other way you can say that person or group of person with dedication to help others, improve other lives organize themselves as a non-profit corporation and contribute their efforts.


  • We believe that every human being has the right to sight.
  • We perceive our work on the basis of equality and mutual respect.
  • We work in the spirit of collaboration with local individuals, NGOs, religious and social non-profit organizations.
  • We are accountable for our action, honest and transparent in our communication with our supporting foundations, individuals, donors and well wishers.


  • To transform lives by giving the needy blind the gift of sight.
  • To be a leading force in the fight against preventable blindness in India.
  • To create excellent and equitable Eye care systems that reaches all those in need.


The mission of our trust is to provide excellent Eye care services to needy population, to initiate basic and clinical research into eye diseases and vision-threatening conditions, training, product development, and rehabilitation for those with incurable visual disability, with a focus on extending equitable and efficient Eye care to underserved populations.

In education, we will

  • achieve recognition as a premier centre of education in all areas of Eye care planning, management and service delivery
  • share expertise and experience in eye health across the developing world
  • create the human resources needed to eliminate avoidable blindness and manage vision impairment

In research, we will

  • seek to understand and address selected diseases and genetic conditions, and
  • focus on generating and applying new knowledge in areas such as nanoscience and gene delivery

Every project undertaken will be translational in nature - starting from the needs of the patient on the bedside to the laboratory bench and ultimately to the community.

In community eye health, we will apply our experience in primary eye health to

  • build a stronger and wider network of Eye care service delivery across India and other parts of the world
  • share expertise by consultancy, education and planning
  • advocate at all levels for improved systems of Eye care
  • free eye check up


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