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Zeiss Lumera 300 Operating Microscope with
Video Recording Facility:

Zeiss Lumera microscope has a newer latest technology which split the main illumination beam and align each of the resulting two beams directly along the path of the surgeon’s two oculars, hence both oculars have its own dedicated coaxial illumination beam, which dramatically improves the red reflex and helps surgeon during surgery. Zeiss have re-engineered the optics to preserve depth perception and improved the contrast. So this is first in kind of microscope that have zero-degree retroillumination without sacrificing depth of field of surgeon. It also has the Xenon illumination which improves the contrast.

Zeiss Visalis Phaco Machine:

It is newer spectrum of Phacoemucification machine with superior control. It has lots of advantage like Capturing followability, Balanced stroke – Adaptive Power Control, Surge Security System, Minimize energy – new pulse modes, Minimal induced astigmatism – CO-MICS capabilities, Unique pneumatic guillotine cutter, Total control – aspiration rise time setting, Excellent usability –user interface, footswitch. All these features lead to faster surgical recovery, better patient comfort overall greater visual outcome.

Best quality Titanium instruments for Cataract & Glaucoma Surgery

This static perimeter from German company is one of the world trend setter and is used for the diagnosis of glaucoma and various other neuro-ophthalmic disorders. Again we have latest progression software for picking up worsening of glaucoma in earlier state. This software is also available in very few centres in Mumbai.






Packeges Offered

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